Creative Design Guild

A mastermind community that gives you weekly access to people who are where you are.
Brainstorm, collaborate, and get feedback with design friends as you work on your design business.

to create a waitlist, master your craft,
and design days you love?

Imagine what embracing a community of like-minded designers who are focused + getting results would be like...

Now, you’re designing work you are SO obsessed with that you secretly share a screen cap with your close circle of designers – and their immediate response is, #designerenvy!!!

Now, you're getting paid, earning a profit, paying the bills, saving and investing in your future. Super fueled by your creative success, your vision for your design business expands and sparkles.

Industry buzz words like funnels or systems don’t phase you – you've got this – because you have a close circle of designer CEOs who have your back.

The best part is that you get to collaborate and design for clients who appreciate you. They gush over your creative genius. They tell everyone they know that hiring you was the best investment they’ve made in their business. They share the graphics you’ve designed and tell their business BFFs how they can’t live without you...

YOU are the designer they need. And these referrals become a self-generating machine. In your Mastermind calls, you celebrate with your close circle of designers, knowing that these weekly coffee chats were what led to this moment.

Registration for Cultivate Design Guild opens again Wednesday, January 27, 2020 at 12 pm eastern. Subscribe to be the first to know when doors open!

Cultivate Design Guild is for graphic designers/entrepreneurs

who are:

and want to:

Newly discovering who they are as CEOs

Growing their business, services, and craft at the same time

Curious and driven with a love of learning

Want more freedom and flexibility

Struggling to find the time to work on skills and craft for themselves

Create transformations and impact for themselves and clients

Assign a true value to the services they provide

Make the profit they want to support themselves and their family

Set healthy boundaries and expectations

Create connection-with their craft and others


Cultivate Design Guild is a mastermind community that opens up conversations to keep the support going as you work on your design business.

Each month, you get access to:

weekly mastermind + critique video calls

a private, trusted community of designers

critique and feedback sessions

reference library of downloadable PDFs


We’re here to help you book out your services, be the best designer you want to be, and design days you love with the flexibility and freedom to do so.

everything you get access to as a designer member

$35 / MONTH

  • Limited to 15 designers

Join to get these extras!

One day chat on voxer with Illiah

Sometimes, a little extra support and validation in your current challenge is all that you need. The first 5 designers to sign up will receive an all-day voxer session to ask ALL the questions on Voxer.




1:1 mentor session

Whether it’s needing a fresh eye (or ear!) for feedback or getting more dream clients to reach your 2021 $$ goals, we’ll spend an hour together solving  your current hurdle in addition to all the other benefits of joining CDG.


I’m Illiah (ill•e•ahh), and I help designer entrepreneurs, like you, elevate their business to the next level and hone their creativity, so they can book out their services to design days they love.

With a degree in Graphic Design and a background working in ad agencies, I’ve founded Cultivate Design Guild as the place I wish I had, when I began seven years ago, to feel at home in business and find concrete answers to grow as an entrepreneur and designer.

About Me

Doors open again Wednesday, January 27 at 12:00 pm EST and close on Friday, January 29 at 10 pm EST. Subscribe now to get a reminder when doors open!

Click here for some common sense guidelines to being a Cultivate Design Guild member

To start, there’s a three month commitment. We’re dedicated to tailoring the program to your needs, and this may change as time goes on.

Because we’ve been right where you are… and still are. CDG is your space for trusted expert advice and resources, continuing education and close-knit community. Our mission is to help you book out your services, be the best designer you want to be, and design days you love with the flexibility and freedom to do so.

All of our videos, worksheets and course materials are located on the Mighty Networks platform. Office hours will be hosted monthly in our private Facebook group.

If you’re looking for something specific, please reach out. We’re always looking for feedback, suggestions, and new content ideas to create for you.

And, if you have any other questions, live chat me with the blue box below.